A site full of reading worksheets.

Digital storytelling sites

The Literacy Shed is a great  resource for Visual Text Literacy Teaching. Show the video and use the writing prompts.

 Have some fun or a great writing prompt for juniors.

  Dave’s Guide is a resource of advice on the step by step process of speech writing.

 A library of lessons

 A cool site for digital storytelling: Animate a photo and make it ‘blabber’!

 This storybook maker by Kerpoof where students can create a story online.

  Flipbook is a web tool that allows teachers and students to create a digitally animated flipbook and then share it with the world.

 A great tool for the Junior school.  It is a little limited but would appeal to junior reluctant writers.

 Another great tool for the relectant writers in the Junior school.

 A site full of unit plans and lessons, you can search by grade (year level) or subject e.g. Poetry.

 A NZ site offering a library of lessons.

A cool Google Doc that will allow a student to create a faux Facebook page for a famous person from history/literature using a Google Drawing! A fun way to introduce research to students. (Created by Derrick Waddell)

Facebook template for a character from literature

Facebook template for a character from history

  Story bird is a fun collaborative storytelling website. Storybird makes it easy to create and tell stories digitally.

 A junior like version of Storybird, encourages digital storytelling.

 A easy to use resource on the writing process.

Wall Wisher is a web tool that allows students and teachers to collaborate on an interactive cork board. Imagine the ability to post notes with reminders about class trips, even the PDF file for the permission slip, as well as photos and other great items for your peers and students.

 A web site to motivate children to read with phonics

  A junior resource where the children have to match the words with the picutres

. Animated handwriting site

 A Webquest on Sharks to ends in the students writing a story or creating a commercial.

 Scripts for Readers Theatre for Primary school age.

Editing skills worksheets

Spelling ideas for walls of classroom


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