A Photoshop like, online photo editing tool.. Awesome!

 A great site for some new ideas on teaching art.

 Site full of  crafts, and other art ideas

Another great site for some new ideas (make sure you scroll down to view left hand side menu).

 Yet again a fabulous Blog filled with inspirational ideas for your classroom.

 Tips and projects with photography.

  Another lesson on Photography.

 This site is super easy and perfect for young students. In addition, you do not have to create accounts you can share and import.

 A NZ site full of lessons on the Arts.

 A huge array of  print out, then paper fold cards, toys etc.

 Cool website that is a simple tool for turning digital photographs into digital comics.

 Sumo Paint is an amazing web-based tool (and downloadable program as well). Think PhotoShop but free – and web based.

 This little song will certainly ‘stick’ it is very clever.

Specific sites

3D Hand art

Rizzi art

Hand 3D art 1 Hand 3D art 2

More sophisticated 3D art

Picasso art

Picasso art 1 Picasso art 2


3D Art


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