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Digital Storytelling

I have always been facinated with the concept of digital storytelling.  Like everything in education is pays to broaden focus.  Sourced from

How to Guide to Digital storytelling by silvia Rosenthal Tolisan (PDF)


 More digital storytelling ideas and how-to.


Individual Blogs for students

What a discovery! Each year I created a Blog for my class. I endeavoured to obtain individual email addresses for each of my students…… drag!!!

Now I have found Kidblog which will provide each student with an individual blog whilst maintaining complete control over their blogs.

It really is worth a look.


Interesting reading on KidBlog

Creating an animation on class book

This idea can work across all areas of the school, though this particular animation was completed with a Year 1 class.

Focus on a class book, we read the Curious Fish.

Split your class into various team members such as:
Artists (to create background and characters)
Animators (those that move the characters around the film)
Camera people (Children who will take each photos)
Narrator etc

This is a process and can not be completed quickly. Here are some tips
Mark where you place your tripod, so it can be placed back in the exact position each time.
Use blue tac to attached characters as this is easily moved around.

Beginning of the year.

Here is some inspiration for those of you who have a junior class this year. Study fairy tales. Have the children collaboratively create their very own fairy tale. The story can be illustrated in Kidpix then imported into Keynote. Add the text (which was created collaboratively). The fun part can be having the kids ‘act’ out their Fairytale. Take photos and add to Keynote. Great fun for all involved. Great team building for beginning of year.